Show Notes

This episode is jam-packed and full of goodies! Including meditations on the podcast — why it exists, what it's trying to do — and an announcement about what we're doing next, and reprised episode with Aimee Mann.

I adore this episode, it was an honor to have her on One Sweet Dream, and she was full of stellar insights and observations about the band's dynamics — drawing on her own experiences working in bands, collaborations, and as a solo artist.

In late 2022, Aimee was voted as one of the top ten greatest female songwriters of all time by American Songwriter Magazine readers:

Follow Aimee at @realaimeemann

All the Aimee Mann music used in the episode: 

Queens of the Summer Hotel: "Burn It Out" and "In Mexico"

The Magnolia Soundtrack: "Save Me" 

Mental Illness: "Goose Snow Cone"

I Am Sam (music from and inspired by the motion picture): "Two Of Us" with Michael Penn

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