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A fresh take on the music, people, and narrative of the Beatles. Diana Erickson is joined by a group of guests to discuss the Beatles, through a new lens. The Beatles' story has evolved.


"Diana Erickson"

Founder and Host of One Sweet Dream

Renowned jewel thief, Diana Erickson, may or may not have been part of the early 70s heist of 500 rolls of reel-to-reel tapes from the Get Back Sessions. Never a girl who misses much, Diana is rumored to have spent a night or two at Cavendish Avenue, admiring the Magrittes and watching the stars from inside the Glass Onion. Her jet-set life led her to an Ashram, where she met a notable Dark Horse, as well as to Monaco where she rolled the die with a bejeweled starr. Most notably she was a member of both the Plastic Ono Band and Wings, with memorable performances on both the Two Virgins and Thrillington albums. When not jetting off for lost weekends, Diana works in advertising.


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Bella and Scarlett

Scarlett and Bella are regular contributors to the podcast providing ambient noise and sound effects. Their favorite Beatles characters are Martha and Eddie


Duncan Driver

Duncan is an Assistant Dean at the University of Canberra in Australia. He has published many articles on aspects of Shakespeare, English poetry, and literature-focused English teaching. Duncan is also a stage actor and an artistic director of ‘Shakespeare by the Lakes’, Australia’s largest Shakespeare festival.



Phoebe Lorde

Phoebe is the co-creator and co-host of the Breakup Series. Pheobe is also the co-host of the podcast Another Kind of Mind.





Tanya Clarke

Tanya is an artist and actress living in LA.  Her favorite Beatle character is Robert Fraser.




Jake Nelson

Jake is a graphic designer and art director based in Brooklyn, NY.




Sara L’Abriola and Scott Fish

Sara and Scott are multi-instrumentalists and composers based in Brooklyn, NY. The opening music used in One Sweet Dream was created by Sara and Scott.

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