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In this episode, Diana explores Paul McCartney's artistry and creative process with  Phillip McIntyre and Paul Thompson, authors of the upcoming book “Paul and His Creative Practice. The Beatles and Beyond.”  Phillip, Paul, and Diana have a  wide-ranging discussion that covers topics such as flow state,  collaboration,  Crocodile Dundee, and how Paul McCartney is just like James Bond.   

A link to their book:  “Paul and His Creative Practice. The Beatles and Beyond.”

Phillip and Paul's  list of recommended/ representative McCartney songs:

Phillip's List of Songs:

Yesterday: A very real classic of Western songwriting which is to be to be honored as such.

‘Paperback Writer’: Not only a great set of lyrics but the guitar part also looks ahead to the playing on ‘Maybe I’m Amazed’ t!!

‘Rain/Taxman/And Your Bird Can Sing/I’m Only Sleeping’: If you want to hear why McCartney is one the pioneers of the electric bass listen to this much-imitated golden period.

‘Back in the USSR’: This is a great demonstration of how McCartney plays drums.

‘You Never Give Me Your Number/Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight/The End’: Put these together in a playlist and you get a very good sense of what George Martin asked them to do with this album.

‘Maybe I’m Amazed’: It is so hard to pull this trick off and he does it in spades here. Every note, every part, does exactly what it should do and he played it all. The Mind boggles. Amazing!  

‘Back Seat of My Car: A singer’s singer right there!

‘Listen to What the Man Said’: Just listen to the harmonies.

‘Hey Diddle’: Relaxed, simple, and loads of fun just like ‘Dance Tonight’. He keeps throwing them away.

 ‘Warm and Beautiful’ is An understated and underrated hymn.

Paul's List

You Never Give Me Your Money: Quite simply, this is my favorite McCartney song; his voice right at the end is just incredible.

 Drive My Car: McCartney's voice at its best.

1985: Killer piano, killer voice!

On My Way to Work: Love the arrangement

(I want to) Come Home: A beautiful arrangement and an example that showcases Paul's aging voice.

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