A fresh take on the music, people, and narrative of the Beatles. Diana Erickson is joined by a core group of contributors to discuss the Beatles through a new lens. The Beatles story has evolved.

One Sweet Dream: A Beatles Podcast Feed

on 7/24/2023

Brilliantly researched Beatles pod! Diana has continued to build upon her work in the Break Up Series- interviewing fabulous musicians, authors, songwriters, journalists, etc. Her reflections and wrap ups on her episodes/interviews are always my favorite part- I love to hear the fresh connections she develops. Additionally, I love that Diana considers the Lennon/McCartney partnership to be the axis on which the Beatles spin and balance. She understand these two men, and the bond and love they share, like no other commentator or author I have heard or read. Thank you for time and effort, Diana!

on 5/19/2023

Stumbled upon this podcast recently and find myself hooked. The host's ten-part conversation with a female guest about the breakup is especially insightful. Doesn't let John off the hook, or blame Yoko for his egotistical behavior around then--but also treats him with compassion. It's levelheaded, and allows itself some margin for on-the-spot revisions and insights. No real agendas--and this comes from one of John's biggest fans.

on 5/4/2023

I have to say I am really enjoying this podcast. The interviews are very detailed and engaging. Also, as a man, it’s great to have a non-male perspective as it has allowed me to see the Beatles through a more dimensional lens. Five stars. Subscribe!
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